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Shortly About UsKDH Development & Welfare Society

Kerala is considered a model welfare state in the country. It is a hope of third world countries in achieving higher levels of human development. Nonetheless Kannan Devan Hills is an outlier to Kerala model and remains a developmental paradox. Kannan Devan Hills Plantation Private Limited that is associated with TATA possess most of the land. It is second to none in upholding the values of Corporate Social Responsibility. The TATAs have been the beacon of labour welfare and progressive management ideas. Despite endowed with abundant natural resources, great company, welfare state and hardworking population, the people of the area primarily the plantation workers remain marginalised and deprived of basic necessities of life.

There are no perceptible hurdles in the development of KDHP village. Lack of synergy between different stakeholders may be the reason for the deprivation of the population. Kannan Devan Hill development Society endeavours to identify the factors that hinder the development of the region and mobilise the energy and enthusiasm of people to achieve sustainable development.

Vision & Mission

Vision “To empower the people to accelerate sustainable development of Kannan Devan Hills”.

The objective of the society is to realise the envisioned goal of sustainable development by empowering the people by initiating the following missions.

Improving the Livelihood

Improving the livelihood of people especially the housing conditions and expand the sources of income of plantation workers.

Strengthen the Participatory

Strengthen the participatory management by reviving and deepening the bond between the company and retired employee shareholders.

Enhance the Sense

Enhance the sense of belonging of the native people of Kannan Devan Hills.

Counsel and Guide

Counsel and guide the student population to avail better opportunities in higher education and employment avenues.


Support capacity building to empower the women of KDH in their personal, social and professional lives.

Creating a brighter Tomorrow

Let’s Work Together!!

Give a little. Help a Lot.

Our Services


Prepare for free PSC coachining in tamil.Now we gives free coaching

KGTE Certificate Training

Prepare for free KGTE Type writting and Word Processing. Now we gives free coaching

Malayalam Certificate Course

Free Malayalam Read, Write and Speak coachining. Now we gives free coaching

Career Awareness

We provide Awareness for All type of students (After +2, SSLC, etc..)


Prepare for free KTET coaching in tamil.Now we gives free coaching


Service Provider of Estate Workers Welfare Program.

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Become a Volunteer

We rely on the dedication and passion of our volunteers to accomplish our mission of granting the true wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy. Sometimes even though we feel for a cause and want to be a part of the solution, our day to day work holds us back. At the end of the day we convince ourselves saying ‘I would have done my bit if I had time’. We believe that if we have the passion for the cause and the spark within, we can make a child smile without disturbing our daily operations.
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